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SHINee’s Taemin growth surprises fans

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Compilation pictures of SHINEE’s Taemin’s explosive growth spurt has been creating buzz amongst netizens.

Since his debut at 16 years old, he’s matured quickly in a short amount of time, easily seen through the group pictures SHINee has taken over the years. In 2008, Taemin was a part of the shorter end of the group, but now he looks to be around the same height as the team’s tallest, Minho (181 cm).

Year by year, the difference in height between Minho and Taemin grows smaller, making fans look on with ‘motherly/fatherly’ feelings.

Fans commented, “This is the maknae’s explosive growth,” “Taemin, you haven’t stopped growing yet! Keep going!” and “If he keeps going like this, he can surpass Minho in height!”


Pertumbuhan SHINee Taemin, Membuat Fans Terkejut

Gambar kompilasi yang menunjukkan ledakan pertumbuhan SHINee’s Taemin telah menarik perhatian para netizen.

Sejak debut di umur 16 tahun, ia tumbuh dalam waktu yang singkat, pertumbuhan itu mudah dilihat melalui gambar grup SHINee yang diambil selama bertahu-tahun. Pada tahun 2008, Taemin merupakan member yang terpendek, tapi sekarang tingginya hamper sama atau bahkan sama dengan member tertingggi yaitu Minho ( 181 cm )

Tahun demi tahun, perbedaan tinggi Taemin dan Minho semakin kecil,.

Komentar netizen :

“Ini adalah pertumbuhan yang sangat pesat dari maknae SHINee,”

“Taemin, Anda belum berhenti bertumbuh! Terus !,”

“Jika dia terus seperti ini, tinggi nya dapat melebihi tinggi Minho!”

Source: Daily Sports, Daum Tellzone
Photos: SM Entertainment



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