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hello all this is my official blog(???hahha like artist but im not artist)lol
welcome to my blog
my name is vanessa
u can read about shinee but more entries use indonesian language because im indonesian
hmmm sometimes i will post entries with english ya hehehe
i very like kpop especially shinee because they are have golden voices,handsome(ekkeke),cute,nice,funny,cool,they dance is very awesome!
member shinee group:onew(a.k.a leader onew ondubu),key(a.k.a almighty key,key umma(mother),pinky(because he very like pink ehhe,jonghyun(bling bling jonghyun),minho(flaming charisma minho),taemin(magnae taemin(magnae=the youngest),handy boy,mushroom boy(because his hair like a mushroom but for now not).


About vanessaecha

My Life, My Choices, My Mistakes, My Lessons, Not Your Business. FASHION, KPOP!

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  1. hwaaahhh…. CAKEP BANGET MEREKA !!

    wajah2ny kyak mantan2ku tuuuhhh…. *plakk!!*
    amiiinnn…. 😀


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